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Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality (Acre) was set up in 2012 to promote Equality, Community Empowerment, and Community Cohesion in Greater Reading. Acre aims to eliminate discrimination, promote positive relationships between communities and advocate equal opportunities for all. Our work is delivered through engagement, empowerment, and integration of the diverse communities including minority, marginalised, communities associated by faith, cultural heritage and particular interests in the Greater Reading.

Acre promotes equality, celebrates diversity, and advocates equal opportunities.


Acre promotes equality, celebrates diversity and advocates equal opportunities for all. We work with a range of organisations representing the nine protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010. The respect and dignity of the individual is our prime concern. Being one of the oldest minority organisations in Reading, Acre prided itself as the people’s organisation.

Protected Characters

Within ACRE, you are respected as defined by the Equality Act 2010 as listed below: Age, Disability, Gender/sex, Marriage/civil partnership, Maternity/Pregnancy, Race, Religion/Belief, Sexual orientation, Transgender, and gender re-assignment. To this end Acre has developed the pan-Equalities Alliance with a participatory membership of equality practitioners and support organizations.  

List of our Services & Support Services

Below is the list of the different services and support services that ACRE provides to the Greater Reading area.

Community Engagement

Through the Community Engagement spectrum, ACRE create opportunities for people to meet and learn about each other’s communities while engaging themselves as a custodian and productive members of the general society.

Community Empowerment

Within the community Empowerment Spectrum, ACRE assesses people’s need then develop strategies on how to meet these needs in a way that will best suit the individual

Alafia Family Support Service

The Alafia Family Support Service works with women and children from age 0-25 with special need issues.

Equalities Alliance

The Equalities Alliance (EA) is a community-led group striving for equality and opportunity for minority groups in Reading.

Rose Centre

Rose Centre is delegated to the well-being of women and their children.

We, Men! Acre Men’s Support Group

The We, Men! is a support group for men which is operating under ACRE. The group handle many of the questions relating to men's health, relationships and more.

Community Hub

As the need for community integration increases, ACRE was able to secure space that will be used as a Community Hub where people will come together and discuss common issues affecting their day-to-day life.

Talking Therapy

ACRE has been able to partner with experienced community champions or organisations to formed and deliver a weekly therapeutic online meeting.

Virtual Meeting

With the advent of the Coronavirus, ACRE has been expanding its online presence, organising training, giving advice to clients over the phone, and through the use of zoom and other digital outlets.

Our Portfolio

Over the years, ACRE has done a lot of community work and continued to have impact on people’s lives. ACRE is in the hearts and souls of the people of Reading and beyond.   

Our Services

A Great Organisation.

ACRE many years of community work which spans more than four decades put it at the cutting edge  

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Middle Building, 344 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1AF, Berkshire | Tele: 0118 9510279 | Email: info@acre-reading.org | Charity No. 1149491 | Company No. 8248195

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